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Poema IX


Poema IX is a non-profit distributed Virtual IXP located and run at my home. It serves to provide BGP hobbyists with a platform to learn and experiment with real life networking.

This IX provides OSI Layer 2 Ethernet Switching service. For the switching network, we refer to IX LAN, IX peering LAN or Peering LAN in the following sections.

This IX supports IPv4 (mpbgp + extended next hop) and IPv6

Meanwhile a number of new technologies are avilable, such as IPv6 Link-local address, Multiprotocol BGP and Extended Next Hop(RFC 5549) but only few networks are using it.
If those technologies are avilable, why we don't use it? So, I have decided to use it at my IXP.


  1. Join via VM
  2. Join via tunnel

Each Point of Presence (PoP) has its own management rules. Please refer to the PoP List

  • Commercial use is not allowed. For example, using Poema IX to exchange commercial traffic. Please contact us for more information.
  • The IXP DOES NOT provides IP Transit itself, but there are some sponsors who provide IP Transit. Otherwise you can ask IP transit from IX members directly.
  • We require you to maintain an active BGP connection with RS1 and announce at least one IPv6 route from your own network.
  • KSKB will disable your VM when I feel my computer is laggy and if you do not establish a bgp session to RS1 and announce routes.


Participants must have a ASN and at least a public routable /48 ipv6 subnet
Participants should have some knowledge and experience related to networking and BGP, such as:

  • Know the basics about L2 and L3
  • Know what eBGP/iBGP/IGP is and its differences
  • Have deployed more than two DN42 nodes and have provided cross-node ip transit services before. Or equivalent knowledge and experience (have provided similar services on other experimental networks/public networks)
  • Have a humble learning heart. Be nice.

The bgp daemon used by the participant must support the following functions

  • IPv6 link local
  • BGP large community
  • Multiprotocol BGP (IPv4)
  • Extended nexthop (IPv4)


We have three route servers, with 3 different policies

Only RS Regular is a regular Route Server
RS Transitable / RS Chaos are special Route Servers for experimenting.

If you don't know what this is, please establish sessions to RS Regular only

  • RS1
    • AS199594
    • A regular route server
    • Filtering Policy
    • Communities
    • In a nutshell: Config the RS session as peering session
    • You can connect to this RS without any concern, we will do IRR and RPKI validation for you.
    • A BGP connection with RS Regular 1 is mandatory and you must announce at least one IPv6 route from your own network.
    • IP Address(Link-local mode): fe80::1980:1:1 % eth1
    • IP Address(Regular mode): 2404:f4c0:f70e:1980::1:1
  • RS2
    • AS199594
    • "Transitable" route server.
      • You can be a voluntary transit sponsor, and help us to transit our routes to upstreams such as STUIX or AS6939 without setting up BGP sessions for each downstream one by one.
      • Those who need transit can connect to RS Transitable to get IP transit.
      • Transit Sponsors can reject to transit a specific downstream by tagging routes with (199594:0:AS number).
    • Client Roles: Downstream and Transit Sponsor
      • The default role is downstream, you can't announce full table to it.
      • Once you have been registered as a transit sponsor, then you can send full table to RS Transitable.
      • You have to transit routes to upstreams for downstreams.
    • It's experimental since peering routes and transit routes are mixed in the same BGP session. You have to split them with bgp_large_community.
      • Routes with (199594:65530:7) attributes are transit routes and should be treated as upstream routes. Transit Sponsors should reject these routes.
      • Similarly, when exporting external routes into RS Transitable, please tag them with (199594:65530:7) as reference for other Transit Sponsors.
      • Only transit sponsors can export the full table into RS Transitable. Please refer to the Obligation of transit sponsors below.
    • In a nutshell:
      • Regular member: Set RS Transitable as an upstream
      • Transit sponsor: Set RS Transitable as an downstream, reject all routes contains (199594:65530:7) and add (199594:65530:7) while exporting routes.
    • IP Address(Link-local mode): fe80::1980:2:1 % eth1
    • IP Address(Regular mode): 2404:f4c0:f70e:1980::2:1
    • Obligation of transit sponsors:
      • Do not transit any routes received from RS Transitable which contains (199594:65530:7) community.
      • Add community (199594:65530:7) before exporting routes to RS Transitable.
      • Add AS-KSKB-IX-RS2 to your AS-SET. It contains RS2 connected downstreams only.
      • Transit Sponsors can refuse transit to specific users by tagging routes with (199594:0:AS number) and reject corresponding routes.
  • RS Chaos
    • AS199594
    • Does not have any filter: import all; export all;
    • Only men of wisdom can connect, men of wisdom will do their own filtering.
    • In a nutshell: Do whatever you want to do
    • Does not support community attributes
    • Import limit: 2000, it will be disconnected if you exceed
    • IP Address(Link-local mode): fe80::1980:3:1 % eth1
    • IP Address(Regular mode): 2404:f4c0:f70e:1980::3:1


See members list: Members



There are some security regulations for the IX peering LAN and the IX access port (usually eth1 for the IX VM).

  • Only permitted MAC addresses will be allowed
  • arp-proxy and ndp-proxy must be disabled on the IX port. You can only respond the Neighbor Discovery packet that was sent to the Poema IX allocated IX LAN IP.
  • L3 joining only. Bridging our port to other switches are not allowed.
  • Participants must not announce ("leak") Poema IX peering LAN (IPv6: 2404:f4c0:f70e:1980::/64) to other networks to reduce the potential attack surface.
  • Poema IX does NOT support trunk port or VLAN mapping to our switches.
  • Ethertypes: All forwarded frames must have one of the following ether types:
    • 0x0800 - IPv4
    • 0x86dd - IPv6
  • Link-local traffic:
    • Only the following link-local traffic is allowed:
      • ICMPv6 Neighbor Solicitation / Advertisement
      • BGP session over link-local address in the IX peering LAN.
    • All other types of link-local traffic are prohibited, including but not limited to:
      • IGP traffic (e.g. OSPF, ISIS, IGRP, EIGRP)
      • BOOTP/DHCP
      • ICMPv6 Router Advertisement
      • ICMP redirects
      • Discovery Protocol:CDP、EDP
      • VLAN/trunking protocols:VTP、DTP
  • Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast:
    • Only unicast traffic is allowed.
    • Frames forwarded must not be addressed to a multicast or broadcast MAC destination address except as follows:
      • ICMPv6 Neighbor Solicitation / Advertisement
    • Multicast/broadcast packet traffic must not exceed 1kbps
  • Abuse on network infrastructure of IXP members is not allowed. Including but not limited to the following acts:
    • Setting up default route or unauthorized routes to IXP member is prohibited.
    • Sending routes that has malformed nexthop attribute such as point to other member is prohibited.
    • Sending ICMP redirects packets to redirect your traffic to other members is prohibited.
    • BGP hijacking without the authorization of the resource owner is prohibited. Including but not limited to the following behaviors
      • Prefix hijacking
      • ASN origin spoofing
      • AS path manipulation


Regarding the IX VM provided by KSKB, as well as the IX peering LAN itself, IX members may only use it to exchange network traffic(internal traffic/peering). Other types of use are not allowed. Extra enforcements apply, including but not limited to:

  • Complying with the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and refrain from any action that may result in the confiscation of the computer.
  • Any operation involving "money" is strictly prohibited1. For example, Game points, card top-ups, registering third-party accounts or account opening/operation of financial-related webpages/programs.
  • For personal use only; transfer, rental, and commercial uses are prohibited.
  • Cyber attacks are not allowed, such as ARP attack, ARP hijacking, scaning weak passwords, malicious exhaustion, DDoS, Trojan horses and interfering with the operation of other networks and servers.
  • Spaming emails, spaming messages, spreading Trojans, viruses (including referencing malicious files from other servers) are not allowed.
  • Commiting copyright violations using Torrents, BitTorrent, etc. is not allowed.
  • Use of the net_speeder/finalspeed/kcptun, etc, and any form of packet multiplication tools that may interfere our network.
  • Fair use terms applied for all resources. It is forbidden to consume/occupy CPU/network/bandwidth and other resources for a long time, such as rclone transferring/crypto mining, or any action that makes me feel my network is very laggy.
  • Using it as crawler or for account registration, etc. which may cause my IP to be marked as a bot is not allowed.
  • You may not run resource-consuming programs, such as online games, crypto mining.


Special Thanks

We want to acknowledge the following sponsors for their sponsored resources and support toward the Poema IX project.

List Acknowledgements
  • Thank to The BaiRuo for the IPv6 Transit to STUIX over GeekIX
  • MrSheepNET LTD
  • Thank to MrSheepNET LTD to be a transit sponsor
  • Transits our routes to STUIX.
  • Muilties Network
  • Thank to Muilties Network to be a transit sponsor
  • Transits our routes to STUIX.
  • SteveYi
  • Thank to SteveYi for the VM, letting me setup test for EVPN-VXLAN setup.
  • MLGT
  • Thank to Gatterer Manuel for providing the German VM for better connectivity.

    1. True story: Someone bought a swag gift card unintentionally, topped it up with a Taiwan VPN. Then the police found the top-uping IP is from a Taiwan IP. Then the computer has been seized and the server holder has been arrested by the police.